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Marni R. Slavick – Recent Cases & News

April, 2013

Marni Slavick and Kipp Cornell defended an Internal Medicine physician and her private practice clinic in a medical negligence case in Cook County, Illinois.  The defendant-internist provided care to the plaintiff-decedent following a motor vehicle accident wherein the plaintiff-decedent sustained a subdural hematoma.  The plaintiff alleged that the defendant-physician provided negligent outpatient care and this allowed for an undiagnosed expansion of the subdural hematoma. The plaintiff-decedent died one month after initial diagnosis. The plaintiff alleged that the death was a result of the undermanaged subdural hematoma. Co-defendants included a radiology physician and a hospital facility.  Plaintiff requested over $4.5 million and after 3 hours of deliberation the jury found in favor of all Defendants.

 December, 2012

Mike Slovis and Marni Slavick successfully defended a Chicago hospital and an OB/GYN in a medical malpractice case in Cook County, Illinois.  The plaintiff-patient alleged that the OB/GYN had removed her cervix during a total abdominal hysterectomy when she had only contemplated that this would include the removal of her uterus and right ovary.  The case went before a jury on one count of Medical Battery due to the unwanted “touching” or removal of the patient’s cervix.  The plaintiff requested damages including loss of consortium and loss of sexual enjoyment.  The defense denied all aspects of liability, causation and damages.  The jury deliberated for less than 45 minutes and returned a verdict in favor of the OB/GYN physician and the hospital.