Products and Pharmaceutical Liability

Practice-Products Several of Cunningham, Meyer & Vedrine’s attorneys have been involved in the defense of various products liability cases, including the representation of pharmaceutical companies in medical negligence and pharmaceutical liability suits. Defense of such cases requires not only a keen understanding of the legal system, but the mental acuity and flexibility to quickly grasp complex technical issues that might become the centerpiece of one’s litigation strategy. It also requires knowledge of Federal, State and local statutory regulations and procedures, as well as the vast array of organizational and societal guidelines that may impact the outcome of such a case. Whether it be an understanding of the FDA New Drug Approval process or the United State’s Department of Transportation’s Over the Road Carrier regulations, our attorneys’ background in these issues provides clients with an array of information to craft an appropriate defense in an array of product liability issues.

The aforementioned federal multi-district litigation case, a products liability case, has certainly provided a tremendous insight into the defense of products liability issues. The firm’s broad experience in medical negligence cases, with the attendant demand that an attorney grasp complex medical issues in order to properly defend the case, has also helped forge and shape the firm’s expertise in defense of products liability cases.

Elevators and Escalators

For many years the firm has represented one of the world’s largest elevator and escalator manufacturers in much of its personal injury litigation here in Illinois. This has allowed the firm to develop relationships with experts in this specialized area, and to gain an understanding of these complex pieces of machinery. The firm’s attorneys are also familiar with the special industry standards and laws that define the obligations of elevator companies in this area.