Medical and Professional Negligence

Practice-Medical Since its inception, Cunningham, Meyer & Vedrine has placed a tremendous emphasis on the representation of various medical, nursing and healthcare providers in medical negligence cases. We have represented not only physicians, but a variety of institutional defendants, including community based and tertiary care hospitals, standing ambulatory centers, healthcare clinics, nursing and allied health professionals, and a variety of healthcare associations. The firm’s dedication to this area of professional practice has yielded an unmatched depth of understanding of the intricate issues involved in medical negligence cases. The firm’s resources and talents are so well suited to this extremely difficult, complex and technically demanding area of practice that its attorneys are frequent attendees, and on occasion, speakers or presenters at medical and allied health professional seminars on the most current and cutting edge developments in the medical-legal arena.

In addition to their knowledge and experience, our attorneys rely on the latest courtroom technology to present the facts, issues and defenses to the twelve lay people in the jury in a simple yet comprehensive form. A jury will not support an argument they do not understand. We will continue to pursue cutting edge technologies so as to present our clients’ defense in the best and most convincing light to the juries of the future.

In addition to our representation of health care providers, we have previously represented a variety of other professionals, including accountants, lawyers and engineers, just to name a few. Our representation has included everything from coroners’ inquests to licensing proceedings before various regulatory bodies.

Nursing Home Litigation

America’s aging population, coupled with regulatory changes designed to protect seniors from abuse, have led to a recent and steady increase of nursing home litigation in Illinois. The firm’s attorney have frequently been involved in the defense of all forms of claims against nursing homes.