Medical Malpractice- What You Should Know

Practice-Medical 1 out of every 5 physicians will be sued during their career

It is important to note that a doctor involved in a lawsuit can request that an attorney known to the doctor or an attorney who comes highly recommended be assigned to the case. In most instances, absent a conflict of interest, or a prior involvement with the case, insurance companies will honor the request of the physician as to the attorney who will handle the lawsuit, as long as the attorney is recognized for defending physicians in medical malpractice lawsuits. The partners and associates at the firm of Cunningham, Meyer & Vedrine are experts, due to their continual training and dedicated experience, when it comes to defending physicians in malpractice lawsuits.

Our attorneys do extensive lecturing on risk management topics for medical groups and healthcare institutions. Physicians are taught in medical school how to deal with patients, but there isn’t any emphasis on how to protect themselves from litigation. The Risk Management Seminars the group presents touch on every aspect a physician should consider, including patient care and documentation.

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