Practice-Appeals The attorneys of Cunningham, Meyer & Vedrine have had tremendous success over the years in both bringing and defending appeals of civil litigation cases in Illinois. Indeed, we have argued appeals before the Illinois Supreme Court and other Illinois Appellate courts on numerous occasions. A complete list of the appeals handled by our firm is available upon request. However, for examples of our defense victories at the Illinois Supreme Court level, please see McDonnell vs. McPartlin 192 Ill.2d 505,736 N.E. 2d1074 (2000) and Vitro vs. Mihelcic 209 Ill. 2d 76, 806 N.E.2d 632 (2004).

The firm’s expertise in this area combines superb research and writing capabilities with a capacity to perform in-house desktop publishing. The ability to perform this appellate work in house, rather than the alternative of sending appeals out to a separate law firm, provides the client with a dual benefit. First, clients are saved the expense of copying and shipping file materials, as well as the expense of having a new firm “learn the file.” Second, the attorneys who actually “lived the case” are personally involved in the drafting of either the appeal or the response. This allows our attorneys to bring to bear an understanding of the issues that no outside firm possibly could.